Friday, November 14, 2014

New York! New York!

 Happy Friday!!

We hope everyone is staying warm this week -- it's been so chilly! With frosty forecasts coming, it finally is feeling a little bit like fall winter (sorry, fall. You got bypassed). 

Last week, Melanie had the incredible opportunity to attend the 2014 Design Leadership Summit in New York City. The Design Leadership Summit is hosted each year by the Design Leadership Network, creating a community for design leaders while also promoting advocacy, pursuing research, and educating peers to strengthen the design professions.

In the tradition of the Design Leadership Network, the 2014 Summit continues with extraordinary programming that both inspires and educates. Informal group discussions allowed attendees to interact and learn from each other’s experiences in addition to the guided discussion. Attendees are invited to join the dynamic conversation on the impact of the increased globalization in art, design, and architecture, and how it relates to the rise of local movements in craft and culture. 

The first day began at the United Nations building with a challenge to consider the increasingly international scope and scale of the design marketplace. Attendees engaged with major business and design leaders with international influence. Each session inspired members to rethink and shape their approach to design within a global perspective

Sculpture outside the UN Building
Inside the UN Building

On the second day, the Summit traveled to Brooklyn’s Industry City, a 6-million square foot cluster of historic warehouses. These warehouses are quickly becoming the city’s most dynamic destination for designers, innovators, start-ups, manufacturers and artists. Brooklyn symbolizes small batch craftsmanship with fine attention to detail, becoming an inspiration to a generation of people engaging in the maker movement in all the creative pursuits that guide our culture.

Inside Brooklyn's Industry City

After the meetings, discussions, and tours, attendees got to go out and enjoy the city!

Peter Sallick and John Edelman
Photo Booth Fun!

Melanie said that the Design Leadership Summit was a truly memorable experience and a wonderful learning opportunity. The knowledge gained there was invaluable and will benefit us here at TDA. She's already looking forward to next year!

Also, give Melanie warm birthday wishes because today is her birthday! Happy birthday, Melanie!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Bungalow Classic :: A Night of Design

Yes, this was a couple of weeks ago, but we are still reeling from what a fun night we had at Bungalow Classic's "A Night of Design."

With Milieu Magazine, Bungalow Classic hosted a fabulous party (catered by Bacchanalia!!) commemorating the launch of their collaborative line with Clay McLaurin textiles, the release and signing of Bobby McAlpine and Susan Ferrier's book The Art of the House, along with opening up the store after hours for browsing, mingling, and celebrating all that Randy and Courtney do.

We were a little busy chatting with everyone to snap pictures of the affair, but to give you a peek, here are Instagram pictures of the event.

Stacks on stacks on stacks of Milieu Magazines 
Clay McLaurin Textiles
We love every color!!
The presentation of the textile collection, and a preview of some upholstery pieces. Safe to say, we're obsessed!
They made attractive pillows, too!

We each got The Art of the House and got Bobby McAlpine and Susan Ferrier to sign them! And we got to snap a picture of the dynamic duo.

 "A Night of Design" was truly memorable, we had such a splendid time. Thank you for an absolutely wonderful event, Bungalow Classic! 

To see everything that Bungalow has to offer, check out

Bungalow Class on Instagram
Dororthy Burke on Instagram

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Buckhead Apartment :: Updates

Things are picking up speed here at The Design Atelier! We've got a lot of wonderful projects that are gaining momentum, so there's a lot of work to be done!

Here is an apartment in Buckhead that we recently completed. It is a 900 square foot space right by the St. Regis with an incredible view of the city. This project has been so much fun! Especially when the client is a woman after our own hearts. She loves classic design, but is not afraid to go a little dramatic and funky. We have enjoyed getting to know her, collaborating with her, and designing her fabulous apartment!

This is her bedroom. We did fun swing-arm sconces paired with a custom headboard and custom bedding. Our client loves the color purple, hence, purple bedding! It's feminine and sophisticated, with just the right amount of color. 

Here is her living room in progress. We asked Jason Smith to do a custom bookcase that used up the whole wall. It turned out great and we are waiting to fill it with books, baskets, and other fun accessories!

View of the den from the kitchen.

How gorgeous is that Holly Hunt Roman Ring Lamp with the teal velvet sofa?! We're in love. 

View of the banquette
View of the banquette from the den. We love these colors

Emi posted photos of the bedroom and the photo above and got wonderful feedback from her followers, fellow designers, and our vendors. We are all in agreement that this apartment is one of our favorites!

Let us know your thoughts on the space! 

Friday, October 17, 2014

BEFORE & AFTER :: Rec Room Transformation

We hope you have had a great week! This week has been busy a one, and we can't wait to share what we've been up to! In addition to the projects we already have on deck, we've started a few new projects (that we'll share more of later). This week, we finished up a client's basement/rec room. It looks so great and we love how it all turned out!

Here are some before pictures:

And here is the finished product!

The basement is most frequented by the clients' children and their friends (meaning, lots of video games and slumber parties!). But the clients also wanted a place for them as a family to unwind and enjoy each other's company. We designed these custom modular floor cushions to be rearranged to however they wished. 

The clients also love playing pool, so we found this super cool pool table and had it custom made so that the felt matched the other fabrics in the room. 

However, not all projects are smooth sailing. We definitely hit a few bumps with this one. When the pool table arrived, one of the pieces of slate was damaged and the felt was too small. We had to work out an arrangement with the pool table company and the installers, so that each problem could be fixed as fast as possible. We also had ordered a custom-sized enameled steel chalkboard for a magnetic dart board. Well, the board arrived damaged... twice. So, we figured out an alternative, a cool cork wall that can be a real dartboard with real darts included. 

Although there were a few mishaps along the way that we had no way of controlling, everything worked out in the end. And what matters most is that we gave the client a great room that will be enjoyed for many years to come!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

How to Do :: Lucite Furniture

Everyone has seen all of the lucite furniture that has been quite trendy recently. Lucite (or acrylic) furniture has waxed and waned in popularity over the years, and designers have definite opinions about it. Some love it, think it's timeless, and think it is essential for a space. Others think it is quite tacky and should not be used at all. What do we at The Design Atelier think? We think it is all about balance. Too much and it looks like... too much. However, if well-placed, lucite furniture can be that perfect finishing touch. 

Here are some inspiration images that we think do a good job of incorporating lucite furniture:

In this office, the lucite desk balances the dramatic wall color and rug.
It also allows the eye to focus on the super cool shelving.
Another desk would offer a little too much competition and would be overwhelming.

Here, lucite chairs complement the fun bubble chandelier.
Lucite accent pieces, like the candlesticks, help make the room light and airy.
Transparent pieces also do not detract from the large window and its view of the city.

These fun lucite side tables serve as the coffee table.
Moroccan details on the leg add visual interest.

The lucite coffee table here coordinates with the soft color palette of the room.
It adds dimension with its curved edges, but does not distract from other details
like the wall panelling, accent pillows, painting, or accent pillows.

Let us know your thoughts on lucite furniture and where you like to see it used!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Serenbe Showhouse :: Installation Photos

Is it just me, or did September fly by more quickly than ever?? I feel like we just installed the Serenbe Showhouse yesterday when in fact we actually un-installed it yesterday! Crazy how time flies!!

We are so happy to have been a part of such a fun project and we cannot wait to share the final photos taken by our amazingly talented friend, Emily Followill of Emily Followill Photography

Cocktail Table by Kevin Scanlon

Mobile by Julie Frith

Painting by Tom Swanston

The final photo is a detail shot of the custom fender we designed and had made by another good friend, Jason Smith of Smithworks Iron & Design. It is up for grabs if anyone is in the market for a beautiful fender!

Many thanks to the vendors that made this all possible:

Please let us know if you had a chance to stop by the Showhouse! We would love to hear your thoughts!

Friday, September 26, 2014


In any home, a place to sit down and work is an absolute must. Whether it is a place for email, kids to do homework, pay bills, or even to sit down and read, a home office (or at least a desk) is necessary. 

Here at The Design Atelier, we are working on a home office for a client and while working with them, we have compiled a short list of characteristics that each home office needs. We thought we would share them with you, so please enjoy! If you are building a new home or just need to update your space, we hope these tips will be helpful.

The Design Atelier's key essentials to any home office:

Free from distraction: With so many things requiring our attention, we all get easily distracted. Your office should be clean, organized, and (if possible) quiet. Time spent in your office should be uninterrupted, so that whatever that needs to be accomplished can be done in minimal time so you can get onto the next task that needs your attention. Therefore, your office should be in a part of the home that is not often frequented by children or at least be in an area where the kids know to be quiet.  

Even though this workspace is most likely a part of the living room, it's secluded enough to
be recognized as an "office." As a perk, you can keep an eye on the kids and still get work done!

Free from clutter: Some people work well with piles of papers on the desk. However, most people associate messy stacks of paper to be quite stressful. Your home office should be organized, at least enough so that most everything has a place. Receipts should have a bin. Tax documents, bills, the kids' homework, report cards, art work, and any other important documents should have their own respective folders/bins. 

This desk is relatively clean with the exception of a container of pens, a task lamp,
and a jar of flowers. Everything else is filed away in organizational heaven.

Plenty of storage: In order to keep maintain a clutter-free office, multiple storage options are necessary. Shelving, drawers, bins, filing systems, are all great ways to keep your things organized and stowed away. 

Shelving helps keep books and other necessary items off of the desk but makes them
easy to find.

Plenty of light: Whether natural, artificial, or both, any working space needs to be well-lit. Make sure your work surface is adequately lit with overhead lights, table or task lamps, or a combination thereof. Windows are always pleasant and offer both sunlight and a view to the outside. Studies show that those who worked with some sort of connection to nature tend to be more productive than those who didn't have any sort of natural connection. So if your space is window-less, be sure to incorporate plants or a picture of a gorgeous landscape to mimic the results. 

The desk placed in front of the window offers a look outside and plenty of sunlight. The
pendant and desk lamp add light when needed. And doesn't that chair look ├╝ber comfy?!

Visual Interest: It's your office, you should have at least one thing that serves no other purpose than it being pretty. Whether it's artwork, a neat sculpture, or a bouquet of flowers, give your space something that catches your eye.

Artwork and a sculpture give the eye a place to rest. The light color palette also helps draw attention to the art,
while also creating a serene work environment.

With these tips, your home office is bound to be your favorite room or area of the house!